80% Acai & Cacao Superfood Bar - Righteously Raw
80% Acai & Cacao Superfood Bar - Righteous Cacao
80% Acai & Cacao Superfood Bar - Righteous Cacao
80% Acai & Cacao Superfood Bar - Righteous Cacao
80% Acai & Cacao Superfood Bar - Righteous Cacao
Righteously Raw

80% Acai & Cacao Superfood Bar - Righteously Raw

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We are proud to offer these delicious Righteously Raw dark chocolate bars covered in Cacao with an Acai truffle interior! These bars are made from pure ingredients that include, Dark Chocolate, Cacao, and Acai Truffle. Our Maca Bars are certified organic, kosher, gluten-free, and vegan ensuring a healthy and delicious bar. Helping increase your energy and overall vitality throughout the day we believe these bars are a great fit to make your day better. Through our pure and healthy ingredients mixed with patience and care, we make all of our products with human hands and with love, in our own factory. We take our jobs seriously so you can sit back and enjoy the delicious results of a well made and healthy Acai chocolate bar. Not often do you find a chocolate bar with this much nutritional value! We know that you will enjoy these Righteously Raw Dark Chocolate Bars covered in Cacao with delicious Acai Truffle, what a treat! Why wait any longer? delicious dark chocolate, cacao, and Acai truffle you, won’t regret it!

Health-packed organic Açaí berry truffle covered in 80% Raw Dark chocolate.

Açaí is known to be one of the most powerful berries on the planet. With an ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) value of 44,220 units in each 66-gram bar, this high antioxidant, superfood delight brings "health food" to a whole new level.

Açaí Chocolate Bar Ingredients:

Açaí Berry Truffle Center

Himalayan Pink Salt

Organic Raw Agave Nectar

Organic Raw Coconut Oil

Organic Raw Cacao

Organic Raw Vanilla Bean

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Jenna H.

Peace in chocolate �

Satisfaction and content with every bite, no need to rush this bar into the mouth, these ingredients leave a lingering of the sabor that is a whole symphony!!

mattheww d.
United States United States



Dan W.
United States United States

Great Stuff

these bars are terrific, and one of two personal favorites. The thing is, ALL your bars are great. One question though. Are the Rose bars dark or milk chocolate?


Righteous Cacao

It is dark chocolate. Milk is not allowed in our facility

A Righteous Cacao Customer
United States United States

I love Acai-actually all of your chocolate if fantastic !

Great experience, customer service is great, chocolate quality is delicious and off the chart! Love the fact that its no sugar,yet still scrumptious and delicious,I eat it with tea everyday and stay in shape, of course I exercise and do intermitted fasting,but this is my chocolate preference and I recommend it to everyone who is willing to listen about quality. So,with that being said,thank you guys for good work !

Daniel M.
United States United States

Would consider buying again if.....

I really like this chocolate but I absolutely hate styrofoam. Everything about it not just being horrible for the earth but out of the box little bits gets everywhere. I am very disappointed given there are much better eco friendly alternatives available that a company with such good products does not package their good stuff in something good for everyone and the planet. Styrofoam is already illegal to use and package in places like San Francisco. Please please start using other better means of packaging materials. I would definitely buy again if you did. Thank you.


Righteous Cacao

Hello Daniel, Thank You for feedback, I assure you we are working hard to find the best way to guarantee a fresh delivery without having to use the styrofoam, ( the only reason we use it to maintain the chocolate cold during transit ) We only cold pack during the hot weather season, if you order right now, Your package will not include it as it is not needed.