Organic Raw Chocolate Bite Size

Organic Dark Chocolate Bite Size

After launching our award-winning Raw Chocolate Bars, our customers asked us to create a grab and go versions of our chocolate that are smaller versions and can be thrown in their kid’s lunchboxes. We took our BEST Selling Maca Bar and Rose Bar to create the Maca Bites and The Rose Bites which are the same outer coating of our Original Bars. We also created our Divine Mint, Synergy Spice for spice lovers, and our Pure Dark Bites. They are so packed full of nutrients in such a small Bite our customers go crazy for these!

Americans eat 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate each year! Chocolate is the go-to for an anniversary gift, Valentine's Day, a difficult breakup, or just a sweet treat. 

However, if you're concerned about your health, is chocolate really the answer? Many people are self-proclaimed chocolate aficionados and could never dream of giving it up. If you want to eat chocolate and look after your health, consider organic dark chocolate. 

As a guilt-free way to keep eating chocolate, many people are reaping the benefits of healthy dark chocolate. As a versatile alternative to lighter, sugary iterations of the chocolate bar, it's a great way to transition to healthier alternatives. 

We've assembled a guide to assist with your delicious journey into the world of raw dark chocolate. Happy eating!

Organic Dark Chocolate

Look At the Percentages 

When it comes to chocolate, sugar is the biggest offender in classic items like Hershey's Kisses or Cadbury bars. The higher the cacao percentage, the lower the sugar content will be.

This is where you need to tread lightly if you have a delicate palate. Experts suggest looking for a chocolate bar above 60% or 70% if you want any health benefits. 

But the higher the cacao percentage, the more 'bitter' it will be. For some people, this is delicious. 70% is the perfect medium between bitter baking chocolate and sugar-laden milk chocolate. 

If you tend to find dark chocolate a little strong, try the 60% version.

Think About Portions 

When you're considering your health, moderation is everything. Experts warn against viewing dark chocolate as a 'health food.' It still doesn't count as vitamins, greens, or veggies. 

It's simply a great alternative to sugary desserts and has some perks for your health. With that being said, limit yourself to a few squares at a time. 

This will make it a treat, rather than a staple part of your diet. That's what makes gluten-free dark chocolate so enjoyable—it's good for your palate and your health at the same time.

Read the Ingredients 

When you're shopping for healthy dark chocolate, what should you be looking for? Pay attention to how ingredients are ranked. 

Usually, the ranking indicates the ratio of the ingredients. If an ingredient is listed first, it takes up the biggest percentage of the ingredients. What you really want to pay attention to is how sugar is listed. 

You probably won't find organic dark chocolate made without sugar. That's because sugar-free chocolate is usually incredibly bitter. If it's listed first, you'll want to avoid it. Healthy dark chocolate will often have sugar listed near the bottom. 

The rule of thumb for healthy dark chocolate is the fewer ingredients, the better. 

Benefits of Dark Chocolate 

What are the benefits of dark chocolate? They start with nutrition. It has lots of fiber and minerals like potassium, zinc, and phosphorus. 

Dark chocolate is also great because of the antioxidants in it. Antioxidants are common in foods like blueberries, acai berries, and dark chocolate! They're good for combating free radicals. 

It's also good for lowering blood pressure. Experts are divided on this, though, so don't rely on dark chocolate alone for heart health. It can also help reduce cholesterol and plaque in the arteries.

How to Use Dark Chocolate 

Dark chocolate is a great treat all on its own. But you can give it a little punch by adding it to other baked goods. 

For instance, dark chocolate is a great dip for strawberries. It's much healthier than Nutella or chocolate syrup and still has that chocolaty goodness. 

It's also great if you want to make baked goods to share with others. Many people have soy allergies, which is an ingredient present in lots of chocolate. Soy lecithin is a popular ingredient because it's an emulsifier that keeps separate components of the chocolate from separating while on the shelf. 

While it has a practical purpose, soy is a huge allergen. When you use high-quality healthy dark chocolate, it doesn't have soy in it. This can make dark chocolate a great, allergy-friendly replacement if you're making baked goods to share with others. 

Work with Your New Lifestyle 

Going gluten-free, kosher, non-GMO, or soy-free can feel like a huge challenge. How are you supposed to find foods that stick to your new lifestyle?

In these cases, raw dark chocolate can be a godsend. Sticking to a new lifestyle doesn't have to mean that you erase all 'fun foods' from your life.

Some people remove gluten, soy, milk, or other ingredients from their life as a voluntary choice. They might be doing it for ethical reasons, to enhance their athletic performance, or for other personal reasons. Others do it because they have discovered allergies and have to erase these foods from their diet. 

Starting something new like this can make the grocery store feel like a minefield. Until you had to look at the ingredients list, you had no idea how many things your forbidden ingredients were in. 

Sometimes, those ingredients aren't even necessary! They're just added so foods can sit on shelves indefinitely without expiring. 

If going to the grocery store has become a chore, try our chocolates. They can smooth the transition. And with no animal products, our treats are safe for everyone to enjoy, whether you're vegan, kosher, or anything else. 

Eating Organic Dark Chocolate 

If you want to try organic dark chocolate, it comes in all forms. From dark chocolate bars to holiday gifts to variety packs and macaroons, we've got everything you could want.

Part of experiencing the health benefits of dark chocolate is trying different kinds till you find something that works for you. What may taste too bitter for one person will be just right for someone else! 

If you're ready to find the dark chocolate treats of your dreams, check out our offerings today! With our focus on high-frequency foods that retain their natural state from start to finish, along with no refined sugars, they're the best choice for your next treat!