What The Holidays Really Mean To Me

From the Founder of Righteously Raw Chocolate As I sit here with my warm gloves on, my feet on a heating mat and a hot cup of delicious Righteously Raw Rawcholatl, I reflect on the year 2017. I am thankful for my family, friends, employees and for the company that I started ten years ago. Righteously Raw Chocolate was a vision with a desire to help people fall in love with healthy, dark chocolate. After going through breast cancer in 2003 and subsequent multiple surgeries and treatment my only wish at that time was to keep the cancer from coming back. I did a lot of research about raw foods, organic vs non-organic, vegan vs non-vegan and most of all about the myriad of health benefits from consuming dark chocolate every day. I am so grateful and thankful that I took a huge risk and jumped into making Righteously Raw Chocolate and as soon as we launched our Caramel Bar won Best Chocolate Bar by Natural News Magazine. Most important of all is that I am deeply grateful for all the incredible and amazing Righteously Raw customers who continue to love our chocolate and share it with friends and family. Today I say THANK YOU and send out wishes for a healthy, joyous and wonderful Hanukkah, Christmas, Ashura, Feast of St. Nicholas, Bohdi Day, The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Yule and Kwanzaa and a safe New Years celebration.

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