Who knew CHOCOLATE and LOVE were so interconnected based on real data!  

According to a study done by the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships Eating something sweet can lead to heightened feelings of romance. The researchers found that after getting a taste of sugar, participants who were single were more likely to envision more positive theoretical relationships. They were also more interested in starting something romantic if given a specific target. 

LOVE is SWEET is a true statement based on science! 

This brings me to the big question always on my mind, why would anyone CHOOSE to be angry, filled with hate, resentment, and judgment when we can CHOOSE consciously to LOVE? 

I did some digging into the actual Psychology of why someone would consciously choose to be angry, full of hate and I found the information incredibly disturbing on many levels. I now fully understand why it is so pervasive in our society currently in our history.

When we experience anger, we can become a victim. If we are angry it is impossible not to feel like a victim. It is a reaction to what feels threatening or unfair to us. We can then feel betrayed, attacked, taken advantage of, violated or powerless. Our anger allows us to feel a sense of control and justice now and we can feel morally superior to that person who made us become the “victim”. 

Anger rarely solves any problems however we gain a troublesome pleasure in getting mad! Being angry almost always makes things worse rather than better in relationships and situations. We gain gratification in that moment of anger enough to propel us to continue the perverse behaviour. Unconsciously when we resort to anger it offers us a “reward” of both comfort and consolation. Then most importantly, it labels the other as the perpetrator and us the victim.

We know that “victims” are always innocent. This makes us “better” than our perpetrators.

I hope that we can CHOOSE LOVE today, tomorrow and always. We can fill ourselves up with the “sweetness” of chocolate knowing that what we put in our bodies is what connects us to the inner workings of our heart, mind, body and our soul. It connects us to the collective consciousness of that higher vibration of LOVE, Light and compassion for all humans on this earth plane. We are all ONE but not everyone knows or understands this yet. We are one consciousness each living out our own expression in the physical form. We are all the same energy whether we are black, brown, white, Asian, Jewish, Christian, Mormon, Buddhist, Islamic or Muslim. We are all the child of one higher being whether you call it God or something else. It is LIGHT, it is bright and it shines on each and every one of us no matter our skin color, sexual identity or whatever we see that “separates” us as different. We are the same collective SOUL living out our own “lesson”, our own “story” in a physical body that we chose. To believe otherwise separates us from the LIGHT.

From my heart to yours, always in the LIGHT, Audrey Darrow  Righteous Cacao

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