Righteously Raw is one of the Best "Clean" Dark Chocolate Bars

Righteously Raw is one of the Best
To avoid losing too much of the precious flavonoids that give dark chocolate its healthy name, Righteously Raw takes the term “minimally processed” to heart. They produce a “raw” chocolate, assuring that the cacao is never heated above 118 degrees. The low-temperature preparation means you’ll get as much flavonoid activity as possible. That’s good news, because the benefits are significant: These antioxidant compounds relax blood vessels, lower blood pressure and have an overall positive effect on heart health. Righteously Raw’s line of dark chocolate bars also includes an 80 percent cacao content Acai bar and a 90 percent cacao content Goji bar -- both “superfood” berries are praised for their own strong antioxidant power. Retails for $5.50 per bar. View Details


  • Justin Darrow

    Hi Larisa,

    Yes, all of our products are certified Organic.


  • Carrie

    Are these products vegan, dairy free and gluten free?

  • Justin Darrow

    Yes, we are Certified Vegan and Gluten free, so there is no dairy in our products!

  • Larisa

    Are your products organic?

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