As a manufacturer of Vegan chocolatethis has been a point of contention for me over the last eleven years of me producing Righteously Raw and now Righteous Cacao.

I started a Vegan facility because this was the trend that I was seeing and because I had a dairy allergy since I was in my 30’s. I became very involved in making sure there was actually a Vegan facility certification because the Vegans that I knew were being duped into believing their Vegan foods were actually Vegan! They were coming out of dehydrating machines that were also dehydrating meat. As I grew my company I began to lean more towards the vegetarian, raw diet because I love vegetables but what I learned over time was that my body did not like the way I was eating.

I recently read a remarkably interesting book called The Carnivore Code because I experience severe autoimmune issues. I learned that not all plants are good for our bodies. I also know that the “plant-based” products that I make for other companies in my facility are not always good for you. I have learned over the years that because something says Gluten-Free doesn’t mean it is healthy unless it is Righteous Cacao of course! Gluten-Free foods often are very high in sugar, potato start and tapioca starch which are not always great to eat often.

Plant-based foods can contain Methylcellulose (a bulking agent used in laxatives), Propylene Glycol ( a liquid used in anti-freeze), Ferric Phosphate (used in slug pesticide), Canola Oil (don’t even get me started) and so many more ingredients that you would never eat on their own. Vegan cheese for example has Xanthum Gum, non-GMO canola oil, Titanium Dioxide ( a color pigment used in food colourant which is used in cosmetics). You get my drift here, I hope! The foods that you eat may sometimes be all hyped up to make you feel like you are doing something great for the planet, but you may be hurting your own body by doing so.

This leads me to get back to my point here. Just because it is a fad it does not mean it is the right way to eat for your body. Just because people say we must save the planet and the animals does not mean it is exactly as they say it is. Do your own research and figure out what is best for your body, mind, and soul. I have learned that what might be right for one may not be right for another. We cannot all eat Keto, Paleo, Vegan, etc. etc. I know the most important thing that most humans do not do or understand is that our body talks to us and always lets us know what it likes and what it does not like.

Here are some signs that your body is letting you know you are hurting it by what you are putting into it:

Bad breath

Thinning Hair

Persistent Looseness of the Bowels


Cracks at the side of your mouth

Low energy/tiredness

Peeing more frequently

Acid Reflux

Skin breaking out

Gassy all the time

Always hungry

Cutting out food groups often

You are always in a bad mood

You are constantly cold

You cannot remember anything

You are depressed

And the list goes on and on!


Listen to your body and give it what is needs. It always tells you and the signs are usually pretty loud! Not a fad diet or a saving the planet diet works for everyone so take care of you, feel good when you choose what to eat. Enjoy every bite of what helps you and your body feel satiated and happy eating.

Blessings and LOVE, Audrey Darrow


  • Sharon

    Very true! There are limitations to all “health fads.”
    I love your Caramel Bars. They have nothing I’m allergic to (no coconut) and are healthier.

  • Sarah Wallin

    I must admit that if all my body needed to stay healthy and happy was chocolate then I would be quite okay with that. My body loves Righteously Raw chocolate!
    I have learned that my body has a wisdom that I can listen to and learn from, like my body is a teacher and it’s so awe-inspiring and humbling to be aware of this truth. Listening to my body and its wisdom has made all the difference in helping me to navigate some scary roads as I tried to find my way back to health.

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