Owner Audrey Darrow’s Morning Smoothie Recipe Using Righteously Raw Chocolate Maca Bar

  1. Organic frozen blueberries
  2. Organic green apples
  3. Organic raw red beet
  4. Organic fresh cilantro
  5. Organic unsweetened frozen Acai
  6. Organic spirulina powder
  7. Organic turmeric powder
  8. Organic frozen mangos
  9. One column from a Righteously Raw Maca Bar
  10. Organic fresh ginger
  11. filtered water
  12. One whole ripe avocado
  13. Small handful of raw, bitter apricot seeds
I make this to last me for three days so fill up the Vitamix to the top. I have not had a recurrence in my breast cancer for the last fourteen years because this smoothie is packed full of high anti-oxidant ingredients. You can use as little or as much of each of the ingredients but the Vitamix fills up fast. Great way to start the day!!! Enjoy from me to you, Audrey Darrow


  • Audrey L Darrow

    I LOVE IT!!!! 6 YEARS IS A RECORD!!!!!


    Hi Audrey
    I found a batch of your maca bars that were 6 yrs old and just thought you should know they were still awesome.
    Jeff Teter
    Belmont VT

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