This blog post is written for me and I am sharing it with all of you. I am experiencing a strong need for calm, patience, and hope as I get through some difficult days. I hope that my words will help others who may also be going through the darkness and need a lift in their spirit.

My elderly mother fell for the thirteenth time twice in the same weekend. Being a primary caretaker to an elderly parent is life-altering to say the least but also gives me a sense of gratitude that I can be there for her. I moved her to San Diego from Los Angeles about five years ago. She has subsequently had numerous falls, a fractured hip, two strokes, knee replacement surgery and a host of other things in between. I have not had a weekend to myself for five years now. I would not trade a moment of this time with her because I have found strength, I never knew I had.

On top of these difficult times, Amazon bought Whole Foods Market and dropped Righteously Raw Chocolate two years ago then Covid 19 struck and set my business back a few years. We are trying to recover from losses as much of the rest of the world is also dealing with. These are the times when you need to muster all the hope, patience, calm and courage to continue forward and to understand why these lessons have been present in my life.

I have learned from taking care of my Mom the biggest lesson has been accepting help from her financially and allowing someone to be there for me which is very foreign to an independent warrior who has made it through devastating Breast Cancer, fifteen years of after surgeries, through the loss of my beautiful daughter right after I launched this company and through almost losing my beloved chocolate company during these dark times. What I have learned is that I have recently “given up” but not given up. I point to the sky when I say I have “given up” because I am giving up trying to control the outcomes of certain dark points in my life. I have begun to know what it means to “allow” goodness, support, love, and compassion from others into my life and I have learned what “unwavering faith” in myself and my abilities really means.

Starting a chocolate company was just a part of my journey and something I have always been passionate about. I saw how my story and my chocolate moved people to let me know how much they appreciated what I had created. This was a blessing that got me through loss and aftereffects from Cancer knowing that I have the support of so many amazing people who “got me”!! As I get back on my feet and look towards the future, I see so much that is good with hope and courage to take it one day at a time and not go beyond that what is present right in front of me. My new chocolate line is launching online any day now after such a distressing five months of trying to get banking and credit card processing set up.

I am ready now for all that is good in my life and when I reflect on where I have come from, I am deeply grateful for all of the “lessons” that have brought me to the person I am today. I feel LOVE, accomplishment, hope, patience (most of the time), the courage to get up every day in the face of difficulty and no longer fight my way through the dark.  Now I am excited to see where the path is leading me.

To all of the fans of Righteously Raw and now Righteous Cacao, you are the light that keeps me going every day and I am blessed to be able to share my LOVE of chocolate with you all. Blessings to ALL, Audrey Darrow President/Founder Righteous Cacao

Send Some Joy to your love ones!


  • Melissa

    Stay strong! Your products are amazing and so are you!!!!

  • Dina

    Your courage, compassion, strength, and resiliency are an inspiration. Thank you for being vulnerable in sharing with us. I’m a forever fan as of just a few months ago, and am humbled to know a little of your challenging, yet triumphant journey.

  • Barry Mayron

    I admire your strength. You are a great inspiration!

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