Everything You Need to Know About Tree Nut Allergies

Everything You Need to Know About Tree Nut Allergies | Righteous Cacao
From the well-known almonds and cashews to the lesser-known pine nuts and Brazil nuts, the list of tree nuts is extensive. Tree nuts come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and forms, and they just so happen to be one of the top allergens affecting thousands of children and adults. Tree nut allergies can last a lifetime – only less than 10 percent of individuals will grow out of this allergy. Many people often confuse tree nuts with peanuts; peanuts are not nuts, they’re legumes. Whether you’re allergic to tree nuts or not, it’s important to be educated on tree nut allergy symptoms, causes and management options for your friends or family members who might be. What are Tree Nut Allergy Symptoms?
  • Stomach cramping and pain
  • Trouble swallowing
  • Diarrhea
  • Itching of the eyes, mouth, skin or any other area
  • Runny nose
  • Shortness of breath
  • Anaphylaxis, which is a life threatening reaction that disrupts breathing
What are Tree Nut Allergy Causes?
  • Tree nut consumption
  • Any tree nut products, such as nut oils and butters
Are There Any Treatment Options?
  • Avoid tree nuts and read ingredients on products carefully
  • If symptoms develop, administer epinephrine (adrenaline) as quickly as possible
How To Diagnose a Tree Nut Allergy It’s always important to obtain an accurate tree nut allergy diagnosis by a doctor. Your doctor will ask you about your medical history, previous allergic reactions and any family history on allergies. Your doctor may also perform a skin-prick test and/or blood test to determine the presence of immunoglobulin E, which is an antibody that connects to allergens, and causes the release of tree nut allergy symptoms. If your tests come back inconclusive, then your doctor may order an oral food test, which requires you to sample tiny amounts of the suspected food allergy in gradual doses. These tests are done under highly monitored supervision to guarantee your safety. Emergency medication will be present during the procedure. How to Treat and Manage a Tree Nut Allergy The most optimal way to manage a tree nut allergy is to not consume the product, or any foods with traces of tree nut ingredients. Some people who are diagnosed with a tree nut allergy may be able to tolerate other tree nuts; however, your doctor may advise you to stay away from all tree nuts. When shopping for groceries, it’s important to read the highlighted labels on all products to know if traces of tree nuts are contained. Some alcoholic beverages may have traces of tree nuts for flavoring purposes; you can call the manufacturer of the product to confirm which tree nuts, nut flavoring, or nut oils are contained, if needed. At Righteously Raw, our products are 100% dairy-free and allergen-free to guarantee you and your family’s safety. For more information on our allergen-free products, please browse our selections at righteouslyrawchocolate.com.

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