Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month | Righteous Cacao

Hello to all of my incredible customers,

As some of you might be aware, this month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a Thriver of BC since 2004, I want to wish all of you who may have a loved one, a friend, or an acquaintance who might be dealing with Breast Cancer right now my support and LOVE.

Breast Cancer was really an amazing journey of finding myself and the reason why I started this company, to share that LOVE and strength with others to help ease their pain.

In July 2008, months after I launched Righteously Raw, my beautiful daughter Jaymie Rose Darrow passed suddenly. I know I have spoken about this before however Divine Timing is now for me to bring it up again. I needed to get through this unbearable pain and so I embarked on a journey to create something that showed how much LOVE one person can bring into the world. I created the Rose Bar to share Jaymie's LOVE with the world. It has been the single most important thing I have ever done in my life outside of bringing two beautiful kids into the world.  This Rose Bar  was meant to bring a smile and warmth to everyone who opened up the wrapper and saw the inscription. I cannot think of a better time to talk about this than now because we need to LOVE one another more and more every day.

As I might have shared before Jaymie never walked away from a friend or loved one without saying the three most important words you will ever hear, I LOVE YOU.

This month as we send our LOVE to friends and family who might be dealing with hardship please keep Jaymie and her namesake Rose Bar in mind as a gift to share some beautiful light with others.

My company has had a very difficult time over the past three years and then through the Pandemic and employee shortages but what keeps me going every day is  The Rose Bar and the impact it has on humanity even if just a little bit. I hope that you will support our company and send some LOVE to a friend for no other reason than to say I LOVE YOU and share Jaymie's light with them.

Thank you and blessings to all this month, Audrey

Organic Dark Chocolate Rose bars

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